November 8, 2021


GERMIN and the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) are excited to announce OriginAL. OriginAL is our new joint program patterned on the idea of Birthright IsraelBirthright Armenia, and similar programs in other countries. We aim to provide an educational and cultural experience for Diaspora Youth that will strengthen their sense of ethnic identity, and create long-lasting connections, especially with their peers in our homeland countries.

Why OriginAL?

Youth are our future and most valuable resource.  If we invest in them wisely, all of our lives are enriched. We are ambitious to create a success story of the meaningful connection of thousands of young Albanians around the world with their countries of origin, and that story begins now with your support.

Who Will Participate in OriginAL?

OriginAL will launch in 2022 and we plan to bring at least 40 youth in the first year to Albania and Kosova. Our initial focus will be on youth interested in:

  • Entrepreneurship and Information Technology
  • Environment and Natural Resources; and
  • Arts and Culture.

What to Expect?

The conference will be hosted at the Accelevents online platform as we did last year with Diaspora Flet 2020, and will consist of panel discussions, exhibitions, virtual networking, and much much more. We will soon send you the registration details and agenda.

What’s Next?

You will receive more information from us this next month on social media and in newsletters as we are promoting OriginAL, and the December 11 Conference. We are looking forward to your participation then and for years to come along with thousands of others, and we thank you in advance for that.

Get ready! / Bëhuni gati!

Application will open on May 25th, 2022.

Aplikimi hapet më datë 25 Maj, 2022.